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Happy women’s day short poems 2019

Happy women’s day short poems: 8th March women’s day is the most popular event of the year.A special day for women’s and women’s celebrate this day with many fantastic methods.in which methods send poems messages and wishes are the most popular methods these methods are very easy just only save images and send to friends.Here are the some Happy women’s day short poems that you can easily download from here and easily send to your friends and families.So see down and get collect the Happy women’s day short poems.

Happy women's day short poems

Happy women's day short poems

  • With the creation of world, you were also added to increase its beauty. The world is mesmerized with the work you done.
  • With your words you’ll heal
    the most scarred of minds,
    With your hands you soothe
    wounds of all kinds.Happy women’s day short poems
  • You deserve only the best and may you find it,
    may your dreams come true and your spirits soar.
    May you find happiness in all the right places,
    and may it last forever more.Happy women’s day short poems
  • God Created A Woman
    He Brought Her Onto This Earth
    To Play Various Vital Roles
    Till Her Last Breath!!
  • She Plays As A Kid,
    Adopts Her Mom’s Way of Living
    Respects Her Fellow Beings
    Hugs Her Dad And Mom Very Frequently.Happy women’s day short poems
  • After Certain Number of Years
    She Plans & Thinks, How To
    Adjust With New Family She Gets
    And How To Be With Them.
  • Continuing Her Personal Life
    Journey Being A Daughter, Sister
    And, Moves On To Be
    The Wife, Then Mother…Happy women’s day short poems
  • I walk into a room
    Just as cool as you please,
    And to a man,
    The fellows stand or
    Fall down on their knees.
    Then they swarm around me,
    A hive of honey bees.
    I say,
    It’s the fire in my eyes,
    And the flash of my teeth,
    The swing in my waist,
    And the joy in my feet.
    I’m a woman
    Phenomenal woman,
    That’s me.Happy women’s day short poems

Happy women's day short poems

Happy women's day short poems

Best Happy women’s day short poems

  • You are the fountain of life. You are a resilient river that travels long distance, carrying everything on her shoulders but finally reaching her destination.
  • This life would have meaningless without strong woman. Every circle of life witnesses empowerment, existence and strong influence of women whether as a Mother or wife, as sister or daughter.Happy women’s day short poems
  • Don’t let anybody tell you that there are set paths for you to follow
    As a little girl with a passion, is an inspiring woman of tomorrow.
    So celebrate all women, and acknowledge the great things they do
    And tell a lady close to your heart, just how much she means to you.Happy women’s day short poems
  • All your love, all your caring ways, all your giving these years are the reasons why my heart thinks of you on Women’s Day! with a wish for happiness and a world full of love.
  • A woman is strong enough to face life
    She has that smile on her face through strive
    She sacrifices for her loved ones without a hint
    There is sadness in her eyes but she does not tint
    She feels happy to see everyone smile
    For her love is what matters all the while
    She is complete in every sense
    She will remain lovely in every tense
    A woman is a beautiful creation of god
    So a big salute to her from heart
    Wishing a happy women’s day to all!Happy women’s day short poems

Happy women's day short poems

Happy women's day short poems

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